It’s Just Like Dancing

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Radar Lake Slalom Water SkiingOur friends at Radar Skis summed up the act of finding the perfect ski like finding the perfect dance partner:

Riding a ski is like dancing.  The longer you have danced with your partner, the more in sync you become.  You know your partner’s every move and you soon are able to make effortless flowing moves without a second thought of how your ski/partner will react to your motions.

In addition, trying a new ski is like dancing with a new partner for the first time.  Our suggestion to you in trying any new ski is to slow down the pace for  “a song” or two and let your new ski/partner lead.  If you can take a step back and learn how your new ski is going to move, you will be able to add your own style into your new routine and soon will be moving flowingly again.  By following for a minute, you will same time in the long run, and your toes won’t get stepped on.

Ready to try a new step or get a new partner? Check out our new 2011 Ski Selection and read our Ski Buyers Guide for more help finding the right mate.