AWS “Evening With The Stars”

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AWS Evening With The Stars

Join us on November 16th for “Evening With The Stars”. We will have the lowest pricing of the year on all wakeboards, waterskis, boats, and more. Doors open at the Oregon City Location at 7PM!

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2011 Evening with the Stars

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  • What: Active’s biggest event of the year: Evening with the Stars
  • Where: Active Water Sports, Oregon City |1224 McLoughlin Blvd
  • When: 7-10 pm | November 18th, 2011

saleIt’s already that time of year. The transition from the warm summer into the long cold winter. So when you are looking through the frost covered window at your winterized boat, you can look forward to one thing, Evening with the Stars! This is the one event of the off season you won’t want to miss! It is a one-night-only event that is free for everyone.

Enjoy: free food, 40% off all 2011 gear, 10% off all 2012 gear, better-than-boat-show-prices on all our Moomba, Supra, Axis, Malibu, and Nautique boats, and a chance to meet some of the greats in the water sports industry. A raffle drawing will take place, giving you a chance to win product from all your favorite brands.

All raffle proceeds are donated to the Children’s Cancer Association.

What Pros should you expect to see?

Jimmy LaRiche Kevin Henshaw Eric Ruck
Jimmy LaRiche               Kevin Henshaw           Eric Ruck

oli mike e silas
Oli Derome                                           Mike Ennen                               Silas Thurman

We are excited to spend the evening with you as we say “bye-bye,” to summer and bring in the 2012 season together. If you have any questions on special Evening with the Stars pricing, please call 503-643-5018.

AWS: The New Nautique Boat Dealer

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We are very proud to announce, here at Active Water Sports, that a new boat line has found it’s way into the loving hands of our shop. Nautique boats have over 85 years of quality and innovation under their belts. Active Water Sports is honored to be carrying another one of the greats in the boating industry.

Please come and see us at Evening with the Stars as we present, for the first time ever, Nautique boats.


If you have any questions about Nautique, or any of our other boat lines, feel free to call us at the shop.

Axis Signs Ronix Rider – Dean Smith

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Axis Wake Research welcomes the free-riding, massive air professional Australian wakeboarder Dean Smith to the team. Check out the video Alliance Wake Magazine put together of Dean shreddin behind the A22.

Axis Wake Research in the USA and Australia are welcoming Dean Smith to their Factory Pro Team because just like Axis wake boats, he is all about charging hard and doing it with style. Smith wanted a boat that would allow him to take his “go big or go home,” attitude into every riding session as well as every competition. It’s this approach that earned the Australian Pro the 2010 WWA Men’s Wakeboard World Championship title. A fun, unassuming guy, Smith has the heart of a lion and conducts himself with true professionalism. Together with his massive tricks and free-riding style, Smith’s character makes him a perfect fit for Axis Wake Research. Smith rides and lives each day to the fullest and that’s how these boats perform; like today is your best day on the water. Axis is proud to call Deano, as he is affectionately known, a member of the family.
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What you missed at the Portland Boat Show

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Portland Boat Show PanoramaAs half of the AWS crew is setting up in Seattle, the rest of us are left with a bit of a Portland boat show hangover.  After a week of trucking in 22 boats, recreating our retail shop in the middle of the Expo Center, and talking non-stop for 4 days to some of our favorite customers, industry reps, and pros, it’s no wonder we’re left feeling a little down and missing the high of the action packed boat show.

Some people cure their hangovers with Xanax, greasy food, and coffee, but a boat show hangover requires a little more emotional therapy than that.  What better way to brighten our post boat show mood than by re-living some of our favorite boat show memories?  Here’s a quick recap and a few photos that made the Portland Boat Show one of the best for Active Water Sports.

Active Water Sports Retail

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Greg’s Wakeboard Christmas List

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Greg Waters

Legit.  That’s how you describe Greg Waters.  Maybe even too legit…. If you have a serious wakeboarder on your list for Christmas gifts, you’ll want to follow Greg’s list closely.

1.  2011 Ronix Relik Boots and 2011 Slingshot Reflex Wakeboard – This set-up is pure HEAVEN, according to Greg.  The Slingshot Reflex is constructed with an all wood core and urethane sidewalls which makes it super durable, poppy, and the added flex lets you butter rails just like a snowboard!  The Ronix Relik boots really appeal to Greg’s style, but they’re more than just a pretty face.  The Reliks really combine the best of both worlds, easy flexing comfort with high-end performance.

2.  Ronix One Handle – The One Handle is rad because it allows you to find your perfect grip.  Easily interchange different diameter and shaped grips, while using one yoke.

3.  Straight Line Team Line (Silver) – Made with a Dyneema core, the Straightline Team Line is one of the strongest, no-stretch lines out there.

4.  Ronix Yonderosa Vest – Greg needs to use the compass that comes with this vest to ensure a proper landing on his wrapped back 3’s.

5.  O’Neill Boardshorts – Stay flashy, Greg.

6.  2011 Axis A20The boat that you have been waiting for, it fits in a small space and it puts out monster wakes!

Fall & Winter Boat Services | AWS

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As the days grow shorter and the nights get cooler, your time on the water is sadly coming to an end.  It’s time to reward your boat for another summer of fun memories.  Fall is the perfect time to bring in your boat for maintenance, repair, and winterization.

The Active Water Sports Service Center is the largest of its kind in the Northwest.  Our AWS Service Technicians are master certified by Malibu, MB Sports, Moomba, Axis, and Supra and are unsurpassed in their experience with all tournament boatsCall 503.650.5991 to schedule an appointment before the first freeze and treat your boat to a little love.  Thanks for another great summer!

Keith Lyman Rides Axis A20 Wakeboard Boat

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The boys and girls at Axis Wake Research have done it once again. In the wakeboard boat industry it is not every day that you see a highly anticipated new model actually meet and then exceed expectations. The Axis A20 is so hot right now. Whether you need a smaller boat because of Lake Oswego’s length restriction or you drive a Land Rover Discovery like Greg Waters, Axis has you covered. Call Greg or Gerry and get your Axis A20 ordered today.

Shop Active Water Sports for Axis Wakeboard Boats

Keith Lyman Rides The Axis A22 Boats

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Professional rider Keith Lyman has made Axis Wake Research his wake boat manufacturer of choice.

Axis Wake ResearchLoudon, TN – Wakeboarder Keith Lyman is going big behind an A22 as the newest member of the Axis Wake Research Pro Factory Team. Known for his unique riding style, his dedication to the sport and clean living, Lyman joins, Randall “The Vandall” Harris representing the industry’s fastest growing wakeboard boat brand. The Axis Wake Team now fuses the highest-flying, strongest style riders of the East and West coasts into a team of professional athletes who are all about the ride Keith Lymanand perfecting their craft. Lyman is a free riding legend and, like Harris, the embodiment of Axis Wake Research. The company is stoked to have him on board.

This is what Lyman had to say about the logic behind that choice. “I believe in the company, everything from the way their boats are built to their moral stance within our industry.” Lyman went on to say, “I’m stoked to see that Adam McCall [Managing Director for Axis] is an actual wakeboarder! He gets it! He is extremely switched on and has an understanding for keeping things simple! A quality that a lot of individuals and companies are seeming to stray from these days.”

Keith LymanLyman believes the most important thing in life is, “staying positive and happy.” This guy may go huge behind his A22, but he is extremely grounded. Lyman prides himself on clean living and looks up to other riders who do the same.

Lyman’s list of respected, stylish, freeride mentors includes the “Who’s Who” of wakeboarding, with Ben Greenwood and Shaun Murray ranking right up there, but when we asked Lyman who has been most influential, he didn’t even blink before he answered, “Randall Harris.”

A motivating factor in Lyman’s decision to ride for Axis, his admiration of Team Axis Pro Rider Harris goes beyond wakeboarding. When Keith Lymanwe asked Lyman why he looks up to Vandall he responded, “Because he came from corruption to the light, as well as being unappreciated and black-balled back in the day to becoming one of the most respected and appreciated riders when he came back after taking a break for two plus years. He is the baddest rider on planet earth. He is wakeboarding.”

When Lyman had the opportunity to get behind the price-point wake boat rooted in style and performance, he was amped! Lyman said this after sessioning behind an Axis A22 for the first time, “…all I can say is WOW! It was awesome! It definitely opened my eyes and I can’t wait to get one of my own!” He continued, “The wake is all around world class! It’s the way a wake should be! It’s huge, really clean, a good width and a perfect shape; great for ridin’ big or for just poppy wake to wake riding.” Keith Lyman

Adam McCall, Managing Director of Axis Wake Research, had this to say about the newest member of the Axis Team. “The synergy with Lyman and Axis is clear. He’s a simple guy who rides because he loves it, takes every trick into the flats and has a style all his own. His riding’s only rivaled by his positive attitude and work ethic.” McCall concluded, “He is an exciting addition to our team!”

About Axis Wake Research: Axis Wake Research manufactures high performance, price point wakeboard boats with new levels of quality, performance, style and owner pride. Axis performance and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the price-point market thanks to aggressive grassroots research and development. These efforts revolve around the specific needs and wants of core riders and families alike. Or as the team at Axis Wake Research likes to say and the Axis name implies “We’re centered on you.”

Randall Harris, Eddie Valdez, Melissa Marquardt Axis A22 Video

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Company wake’s own Randall Harris and Eddie Valdez join Liquid Force Wakeboards Melissa Marquardt for a tow behind the Axis A22 Wakeboard Boat. Looks like a cold day in SoCal but it doesn’t stop these riders from going huge.

The Axis Wake Research team is not limited to pro athletes or Axis owners. This team is a collection of individuals who would rather be on the end of a wakeboard rope than almost anywhere else in the world. It’s this common motivation that pulled them to the Axis movement. They are part of the team because they no longer see cost effective big wake boating as a list of sacrifices. As Axis Team members these individuals realize wakes, pride, performance and style can intersect in a price-point boat. The membership roster is constantly growing and includes everyone from Axis A22 owners to Axis employees to pro athletes to Axis dealers to industry partners.

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