Active Water Sports Holiday Gift Guide

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So I will admit it.  Every year, I plan on getting my holiday gift shopping done early, and every year I find myself scrambling at the last minute, trying to find the perfect gift for somebody on my list.  For this reason, I have put together a Holiday Gift Guide for items here at Active Water Sports.  I asked some of our staff to give me a list of a few items that they would love to receive, and narrowed them down to a list of items that might be perfect for somebody on your list!


Dan’s Holiday Picks

  1. Liquid Force Team Wakeboard Rope/Handle Package in Orange & Blue – $154.99
  2. O’Neill Slasher Zip-Up Impact Vest – $129.95
  3. Remote Lecomte 40″ Hometown Series Wakeskate (2014) – $399.95


Sara’s Holiday Picks

  1. Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board (2014) – $499.99
  2. Sol Republic “The Deck” Wireless Speaker – $199.99
  3. Nixon Small Player Watch in Rose Gold – $225.00


Greg’s Holiday Picks

  1. Nautique G21
  2. Supra SC-350
  3. Moomba Mondo


Gerry’s Holiday Picks

  1. Ronix Koal Fish 4′6″ Wakesurf Board (2014) – $549.99
  2. Stern’s Barbie Vest – $14.95
  3. Ronix One Carbon Skimmer 4′10″ (2014) – $649.99


Matt’s Holiday Picks

  1. Nixon Blaster Wireless Speaker (Any Color) – $150.00
  2. Spy Discord Sunglasses – $109.95
  3. Sol Republic Jax Headphones – $39.95

We have a lot more to offer than what is shown here, so feel free to stop by and one of our knowledgeable sales associates will be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect gift, no matter who you are shopping for!  The bonus is that your friends will have until January 15 to exchange soft goods such as clothing, wetsuits, vests, tubes and accessories (unworn/unused, tags attached, and in original packaging), and until JUNE 15 to exchange wakeboards, water skis, and bindings (even if they have been used!) as part of our performance guarantee**.  We want to be sure that everybody is happy with their gifts this Holiday season.

Come visit us at one of our stores, or give us a call:

Active Water Sports Beaverton
12050 SW Canyon Rd
Beaverton, OR 97005

Active Water Sports Oregon City
1224 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Oregon City, OR 97045

We are also online at

**Does not apply to online purchases

Review: Slingshot Jewel Women’s Wakeboard Boot 2014

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Slingshot Jewel Boots 2014

Slingshot Jewel Boots 2014

The Slingshot Jewel Boot is a product that I have wanted to try for the last few seasons, but for some reason I just haven’t.  I was recently given the opportunity to ride in a pair of the NEW 2014 Slingshot Jewel Boots, and I was not disappointed.  I have exceptionally small feet, or so I have been told (ladies 5.5 or kids 3.5/4…but it really is almost to the point that I could ride with children’s boots if only I were actually the height and weight of a real child and a kid’s boot would actually support me and my style of riding.  To get to the point, it is difficult for me to find wakeboard bindings that fit both my feet and riding style.  Sloppy fitting boots have never done anybody any good.  I tried out the Jewel Boots in a size 6.

When I first put the 2014 Slingshot Jewel Boots on, I was impressed with the fit.  They felt secure around my entire foot, and I felt almost no heel slippage which is something I always check for in a boot fitting.  I can only imagine how awesome these boots would feel after utilizing the heat shaping liners that Slingshot offers.  There is nothing quite like a custom-fit boot!

Lacing the 2014 Slingshot Jewel Boots up was a cinch.  The 2014 model offers a new hybrid strap and lace closure system.  This means that there is a lace + toggle on the top of the foot and a replaceable velcro strap around the ankle.  I was nervous about the velcro at first, but I found that I could get these boots to be as tight as I needed them to be.  I felt as if all my major foot/ankle support zones were covered, and I was ready to go.

After strapping in to the 2014 Slingshot Jewel Boots on my 2013 Slingshot Kine (I will have to try the new 2014 Slingshot Windsor later!), I hopped into our brisk 54 degree Oregonian water (in my O’Neill wetsuit, of course) and waited for the boat to start.  The boots performed exactly how I expected them to.  My entire setup was super responsive thanks to the baseless feature of the Slingshot Jewel Boots, my landings were super soft, and the Slingshot Jewel Boots offered a great amount of support.

Other aspects…mounting these boots to my Slingshot Wakeboard was nearly effortless.  The boots are designed well for the board, and they do come with hardware that allow you to mount them to other wakeboards if you aren’t quite ready to make the switch to a Slingshot Wakeboard.  These boots are also cute, and as much as I will tell you and anybody else that I don’t care what my setup looks like, I am almost always lying because deep down I do care.  I think these boots look great, and they looked pretty darn good on my 2013 Slingshot Kine Wakeboard…I also think they look especially nice on the 2014 Slingshot Pearl Wakeboard, which also happens to have my favorite graphic in the entire 2014 Slingshot Wakeboard lineup.  I truly think any girl would be stoked to have these boots on their wakeboard.  I definitely look forward to using these boots more in the future!

Slingshot Jewel Boots 2014

Slingshot Jewel Boots 2014


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The hot weather may be gone, and the cold weather may be rolling in, but that doesn’t mean you need to call it quits on your riding for the year. Now is a great time to buy a wetsuitdrysuit to extend that season a few more months. Find some of the best prices online at our website

What’s New with O’Neill Vests for 2011

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2011 ONeill VestsONeill Vests – Developed and Tested with the Best Riders on Earth

O’Neill employs some of the best athletes on the water and their vests are hand-tested and developed by those riders and skiers.  The O’Neill 2011 Vest lineup defies convention, sets a new industry standard, and leads the way for others to follow.

Floating Zipper - Minimizes Bulk

The compression molded O’Neill TNT Vest offers their exclusive floating zipper closure that hides the belts, minimized foam bulk and maximized fit adjustability.  Flexibility is key to a good molded vest so each panel is segmented for maximum freedom and comfort.

With design breakthroughs in strap construction, Oneill has given the Assault USCG Vest a whole new look for 2011.

Each of the O’Neill Assault Vests featureSegmented Foam the internal belt design which helps to keep the straps tucked in and away from your limbs.  With integrated lumbar support pads, segmented foam core and anatomical flex points, the Assault is an amazing vest at a great price.

Shop O’Neill Now Free Shipping and No Sales Tax on orders over $99.

Cold Water Combat – Your Guide to Neoprene

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Greg Pre SeasonStart your season early or extend it well into the Fall with a little help from your new best friend, NeopreneWetsuits, Drysuits, and Rashguards all help add warmth and protection to your on-water season.

Rashguards and Neoprene Tops will give you light warmth on the top half of your body.  These items are usually made of 1-2mm thick neoprene and are a good way to keep your upper core warm during cold summer days.

For more warmth, look into a wetsuit.  Wetsuits are available in a variety of neoprene measurements.  We recommend using a 3/2 or a 4/3 for Spring and Fall wakeboarding and waterskiing.

The ultimate season extender is a Drysuit.  A dry suit allows you to wear as much insulating clothing as you need (think base layer, fleece, etc) and then you pull the drysuit on over it all.  The tight neoprene seals at the wrists, neck, and ankles keep all water from coming in and you stay completely dry!

ActiveWake recommends:

Greg’s Wakeboard Christmas List

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Greg Waters

Legit.  That’s how you describe Greg Waters.  Maybe even too legit…. If you have a serious wakeboarder on your list for Christmas gifts, you’ll want to follow Greg’s list closely.

1.  2011 Ronix Relik Boots and 2011 Slingshot Reflex Wakeboard – This set-up is pure HEAVEN, according to Greg.  The Slingshot Reflex is constructed with an all wood core and urethane sidewalls which makes it super durable, poppy, and the added flex lets you butter rails just like a snowboard!  The Ronix Relik boots really appeal to Greg’s style, but they’re more than just a pretty face.  The Reliks really combine the best of both worlds, easy flexing comfort with high-end performance.

2.  Ronix One Handle – The One Handle is rad because it allows you to find your perfect grip.  Easily interchange different diameter and shaped grips, while using one yoke.

3.  Straight Line Team Line (Silver) – Made with a Dyneema core, the Straightline Team Line is one of the strongest, no-stretch lines out there.

4.  Ronix Yonderosa Vest – Greg needs to use the compass that comes with this vest to ensure a proper landing on his wrapped back 3’s.

5.  O’Neill Boardshorts – Stay flashy, Greg.

6.  2011 Axis A20The boat that you have been waiting for, it fits in a small space and it puts out monster wakes!

Top 10 Gift Ideas

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Looking for some great gift ideas for wakeboarders, water skiers and all-around water lovers? Here’s Active Wake’s Top Best Selling Gifts for the 2010 Holiday Season. If you’re looking for even MORE ideas, check out our employees wish lists. Free shipping on all orders over $99 and guaranteed by Christmas if you order by 12/20.

Wakeboard DVDs One of the best stocking stuffers of all time, wake DVDs fit perfectly inside a stocking and help keep everyone stoked during the winter months.

Shop DVDs >>

Bucket of Babe's A Bucket of Babes is the complete wake/ski boat care kit. Ideal for anyone who wants to keep their boat looking shiny and new.

Shop Boat Accessories >>

Liquid Force Party Island The Liquid Force Party Island is fun for your whole crew. Sometimes you just want to lounge in the water with your friends and the LF Party Island is designed for the ultimate water hang out session.

Shop Party Islands >>

Impact Vests Add some style to your wakeboard and ski routine with an Impact Vest. Lightweight and flexible, these comp vests come in tons of great styles and allow for much more freedom of movement on the water.

Shop Vests >>

O'Neill Boost Dry Suit Everyone wants to extend their season. An O’Neill Drysuit is one of the easiest ways to add a couple months onto your wake or ski season. Pick one up in a Medium or Large and accommodate a wide range of people sizes.

Shop Dry Suits >>

Liquid Force Venture Get the entire family standing up behind the boat with a wake surf board. We’re selling one of our most popular wakesurfs for just $199 this holiday season. So there’s no excuse not to get on board the wakesurf craze.

Shop Wake Surf Boards >>

Water Ski Gloves Another great stocking stuffer. Ski gloves start at just $19.95 and are one of those items you should always have stashed in the boat.

Shop Gloves >>

Ronix Rove Karver Looking for another fun way to ride wake? Wakeskating has grown with more popularity each year. The Ronix Rove Karver is designed with the entry level skater in mind, which makes it a great gift for the entire family.

Shop Wake Skates >>

Radar Chase Lounge 3 Choose your level of extreme with the Radar Chase Lounge 3. This tube can be a comfy cruiser or a wild ride.

Shop Tubes >>

DGB Mirror Arm with Mirror Give your tower a more polished look with DGB Mirror Arm and Mirror. Made in the USA, this mirror arm comes with a CIPA mirror and really makes a classy addition to the safety features needed for towing.

Shop Tower Mirrors >>


Bryan’s Wakeskate Christmas List

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Bryan’s been more nice than naughty this year, so we’re hoping that Santa will bring him everything he deserves from his Wakeskating Christmas List.  If you’re shopping for gifts for wakeskaters this holiday season, you may want to take a few tips from Bryan’s List.

1.  Liquid Force Roberts SST 40.5 Wakeskate – Bryan is convinced that if he gets the SST Wakeskate, he’ll ride just as good as Grant Roberts.

2.  Nike 6.0 Bratta’s – Light-weight and flexible, the Nike Bratta Shoe has a super grippy sole that is perfect for wakeskating in.

3.  O’Neill Boardshorts – O’Neill incorporates some of their wetsuit/neoprene technology into their surf shorts, making them extra comfortable to wakeskate in.

4.  Liquid Force Core Helmet – Safety first!

5.  O’Neill Gooru Comp Vest – Easy to move in and easy on the eyes.  (Hey Santa, we’ve even got these on Mega Sale!)

6.  Liquid Force Skate Bag – Bryan got sick of trying to make a wakeboard bag work for his wakeskate.  The LF Skate Bag is designed exclusively for wake skate use.

7.  Washed Up Before We Were Has Beens DVD – Everyone needs a little inspiration now and again.  Read our review on Obscura’s New Video here.

O’Neill Vests and Wetsuits Welcomes Colin Harrington

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April 6, 2010 (Irvine, Calif.) – O’Neill (, the original surf, snow and youth lifestyle brand, has added another world-class name to its roster of athletes with the signing of Collin Harrington, arguably the world’s best all-around wakeboarder. Harrington joins other top O’Neill wake riders, including Scott Byerly, Nick Taylor and Aaron Reed.

The 27-year-old regular footer from Orlando, Florida has been riding for 12 years, performing awe-inspiring tricks on his wakeboard, wakeskate and wakesurfer. Known for proficiency on rail maneuvers, Harrington regularly channels his creative style from the water to filmmaking, where he has produced, edited and released a number of online videos through Liquid Force Films. Recently awarded 1st place at the 2010 West Side Jam, Harrington is also a dedicated surfer, competing as the only non-pro surfer in the 2009 O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Red Bull Tow-At contest in Florida.

“Collin is a great addition to our team – he loves the water, approaches his sport with energy and enthusiasm, and is one of the best riders in the world, hands down,” said O’Neill VP of Marketing, Steve Ward. “Not only does he excel on the wakeboard with technical aerials, rolls and rail tricks, but he also gets behind the camera to share his passion for the sport with others. Then the next day, he’ll be out on a surfboard or scuba diving off the Florida coast. His athletic talent and other passions in filmmaking and water sports make him a triple threat as a team ambassador.”

With solid wins at the World Wakesurfing Championships, Wake Awards and AST Dew Tour Rail Jam under his belt, Harrington released his first full-length video in 2008, “Box of Fun,” which he starred in with other top wake athletes to ‘bring the fun back to wakeboarding.’

“I’m excited to join the O’Neill wake team with guys like Scott [Byerly] and Nick [Taylor], who are both from my home area in Florida,” said Harrington. “O’Neill has been in the wake program for a long time, and it’s great to be with a company that’s in it for the long haul.”

“I’ll be sporting O’Neill gear now, but my approach remains the same: try something new each time I’m in the water, and feed my passion for films to spread our sport around the globe.”

Shop O’Neill Wetsuits, O’Neill Drysuits, and O’Neill Wakeboard Vests